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The timetable for 2024 will be released shortly after the closing date.


9am   C Novice Ballet

9.15    C Open Ballet

10.15   B Novice Tap

10.25   A+B Open Tap

10.40   D Open Song and Dance

11.20   C Novice Musical Comedy

11.30   C Open Musical Comedy

11.55   B Open Ballet

12.20   D Novice Tap

12.35   D Open Tap

1pm   F Open Ballet

1.10   Baby Cabaret


1.50   Baby Classical

2pm  B Novice Character

2.10   A+B Open Character

2.25   C+D Open Contemporary

2.45   E Open Musical Comedy

3.10   F Open Lyrical

3.25   C+D Novice Character

3.45   D Open Character

4.15   A+B Open Acro

4.30   C Open Character

5.05   B Open Song and Dance

5.20   E Novice Contemporary

5.30   E Open Song and Dance

5.45   F Open Musical Comedy

6pm  C+D Novice Commercial

6.15   D Open Musical Comedy

6.30   E OPen Character

6.40   F Open Song and Dance

6.55   Inter/Senior Classical duet

7.15   Senior Cbaret trio

SUNDAY 23rd 

9am  C Novice Lyrical

9.40   C Open Lyrical

10.25  A+B Novice Song and Dance

10.35  A Open Song and Dance

10.45  E+F Novice Modern

11am  E Open Modern

11.30   A Novice Character

11.40  C Novice Modern

12.15   C Open Modern

1.05    E+F Novice Lyrical


1.50   E Open Lyrical

2.30   A Novice Ballet

3pm  A Open Ballet

3.15   D Novice Ballet

3.35   D Open Ballet

4.20   C Novice Song and Dance

4.35   C Open Song and Dance

5.15   E Novice Tap

5.25   E Open Tap

5.50   A Open Musical Comedy

5.55   A Novice Acro

6.10   B Novice Acro

6.30   C Novice Acro

6.40   C Open Acro

7.05   E Novice Ballet

7.10   E Open Ballet

7.45   D Novice Lyrical

8.20   D Open Lyrical

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