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Warrington Dance Festival Rules

  • Entrant’s section is determined by age at date of first day of the competition

    • Baby:   5 & under

    • A:        6 – 7

    • B:        8 – 9

    • C:        10 – 11

    • D:        12 – 13

    • E:         14 – 15

    • F:         16 and over


  • Age bands for duets, trios, quartets and groups, to be determined by the oldest member of the group

    • Junior: 9 yrs and under

    • Inter:  13 years and under

    • Senior: 14 years and above



  • Troupes should have a minimum of 6 dancers

  • ALL dancers should have proof of age with them on the day and we will be doing spot checks. If you cannot prove your age you or your troupe will be disqualified from the competition. Proof is via passport or TDCI card or similar. Photograph ID only accepted.

  • Entrant qualifies for Open section if they have won first place in corresponding Novice section in an online or in person competition.

  • Organiser’s reserve the right to amalgamate sections if low number of entrants warrants this action

  • Entrants to arrive and be ready 20 minutes before time of section. Competitions will not be held up for late arrivals.

  • Adjudicator’s decision is final.

  • Trophies are the property of the winner for one year, and must be returned ON THE FIRST DAY OF THE FESTIVAL.

  • No Competitor can re-dance through lapse of memory except in Baby sections

  • Dancing out of section is not permitted

  • Competitors can only dance once in each section.

  • Vocals are allowed on music except in the song section of song and dance routines.

  • Spaces are limited so entry will be given on a first come first served basis.

  • Music is on separate cd or USB stick (MP3 format) per dance and to be handed in when you register each day.


  • Time limits:

      Baby, A & B – 1 ½ minutes, an extra half minute is allowed for song & dance

      C, D, E & F – 2 minutes, an extra half minute is allowed for song & dance

      Duets & trios – 2 ½ minutes, an extra half minute is allowed for song & dance

      Groups – 6 minutes


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